MAC PRO and WD Media Player

Hello everyone,

I have just purchased  WD Media Player  w/1TB hdrive.

What is the best way to copy 500+gb videos & pictures to the internal drive?

I know nothing about Network sharing.

I have MAC Pro and its directly on the net with dsl cable, No router no wireless internet.

is there a way so I can see the internal harddrive in finder window and just copy things?

Thank you for any help.

Hi there, it works just as you think and the Hub will be seen on Finder for you to drag stuff over it and add media, however you need a router since you need a device able to negotiate a internal networking connection (Not an internet connection) that allows for both devices to see each other…

Thank you for answer ThePizzMatrix,

I dont have a router, I have MAC Pro with Airport Extream.

Do I have to get a router? Im not planing to go online with the MediaPlayer, just want to copy some media files from My MAC to the WDMP.

right now I use a external disc to move things arround.

Thank you.

You could connect the Hub directly to your Mac’s Ethernet port, but a lot of people in here say it can create data corruption on the Hub so using a router for an indirect connection is preferred.

Apple Airport Extreme is a router.

WAN port (i.e. Internet) and 3 Ethernet ports (i.e. for local wired ethernet devices)

If that is not what you have then you need to get a router. Trying to connect directly is, well lets just say very technical and difficult.

Thank you,

Airport is integrated in my MAC Pro, its not a standalone like in the link above.

thank you for I´ll get a router :slight_smile: