Mac/PC issues


A few months ago I was about to transfer some photos from my PC (windows 7) to a Mac, but when I plugged my 500gb WD passport into the mac, it wouldn’t work properly and ever since won’t work properly on my own computer either. I’ve tried running a scan which didn’t help much, and now I am at a loss for ideas. The strange thing is that the harddrive shows up on the disk management thing you can open when you right click My Computer and when I right click it in there it says that it is working fine. I have a friend who the same thing happened to after he tried using his harddrive on a Mac also.

Anyone have any experience with this problem? :robotmad:

I think hooking the drive up to the Mac may have corrupted something. Windows is formatted NTFS and is susposed to be read only on a Mac. Mac uses a different format. Are you trying to recover the data or just looking for the cause of problem?


Ideally I would like to recover the data on the drive, but if there is nothing I can do I guess I’ll format it and let it go…

I mainly just want my hard drive back but I also have files on there that I would love to have back.

You can try Partition Find and Mount  or TestDisk Then there are some data recovery programs in this post maybe they can restore the bad partition data. You can also try Burning a Linux Live CD and boot from that and see if you can access your data that way.


Well, none of those worked but thanks for the advice. So how do I format this thing?

See if this helps