MAC & PC External? Newbie

Am total newbie (and over 60) on using portable external HDs.  Any suggestions on a solid performer that can store and manipulate files on a MAC as well as a PC?  I understand a MAC can read a PC file but it must be saved in a MAC format? in order to save a changed file.  Ideas and knowledge would be appreciated.



From my experienced, there is no solid way to do file sharing working well on both Mac and PC.

Someone might have??? for how long???

To use one WD external drive for both Mac and PC, sharing drive not sharing files?

Yes, with two partitions: one GUID for Mac, and FAT32 or NTFS for PC.

If I only have one WD external drive, I would create two partition: one for Mac and the other for PC.

That way I am sure my data is safe, the partition will not corrupted each other files.