Mac Partitions Not Recognized by Hub


I have a 1TB external hard drive that I have partitioned into 2 Mac formatted partitions. They hold my music collection and my photos and I would like to put all that media on my hub.

I connected the hard drive by USB to the Hub but the Hub never recognized it.

I have successfully done this with another 2TB Mac formatted drive, so I am not sure why this one isn’t recognized.

Any clues?

Otherwise, I am not sure to get my media on the Hub quickly.



I have an identical drive to the one mentioned above that is NOT partitioned. When I connect it to the Hub, it appears perfectly fine and is ready to transfer data. But when I plug in the partitioned drive, still nothing.

Similarly, the non-partitioned drive appears in my network folder when I connect to the Hub. The partitioned does not.

What is going on? Is there something strange about using a partitioned drive? Should I be concerned about the health of my partitioned drive?

Any thoughts would be great.


Any thoughts yet? Seems like partitioned external hard drives would be an important topic for these forums.