Mac Osx 10.9 and 2.01.86 update

I used to share my media with nfsshare and Linux Shares by sharing a folder inside my Mac Internal HDD. It is ok but flacky. I upgraded to 2.01.86 hoping it will sort my problem. After upgrading, I completely lost the ability to connect with Linux share. It sees the shared source/folder under Unix share but when this folder is opened, it cannot find any media that is definitely in it. However under Network Share, there is a new item called Mac Shares (I swear that it never used to be there). I tried using this and still do not get the WDTV Live to read my media files. In both Linux and Mac, it keep telling me that there is no media in my shared folder. An external HDD that is connected to my Mac (and shared across the network)  showed up as one of my shared Source (Again, I swear that it never used to be there). It miraculously shows the contents of the source drive but any attempts to play/open it becomes very jerky, slow and unstable. I gave up after 2 nights and reverted to previous fw. Does anyone know or has experience this and knows if there is some way we can set up for Mac Drives? If not, I will have to stick to the old flacky Linux Drives. Setting up for Linux and Mac Drives have both never been officially documented. Only if WD comes up with some sort of instruction as it boasts; ‘Stream videos, music, and photos from your USB device, network drive and any PC or Mac® computer in your home. Your media library collects the content from all the drives, so finding the perfect video, song or photo to view is easier than ever.’…

as for NFS, make sure they are properly set up

I stay away from mac’s myself, so not sure what your set up is

but I will confirm that previous firmwares used NFS over UDP

this firmware uses NFS over TCP

so you’ll want to make sure all your NFS related TCP ports are open and not blocked by any firewall, etc …

KAD79 wrote:


so you’ll want to make sure all your NFS related TCP ports are open and not blocked by any firewall, etc …

Hi KAD79, Thanks for ur comments. How do u  ensure that ur NFS ports are open? I do not use firewall.

on mac I haven’t a clue, I don’t use/have any mac’s

but these are the ports


each port should be open both for UDP and TCP

they need to be open & not firewalled

on both your mac and on your router

edit: router only needs those open for LAN traffic not WAN

Thanks, KAD79

Does one go into this setting;

In general, you would not need to use port forwarding for computers on the same subnet to communicate. It is usually used for external computers, such as those on the Internet, to be directed to a specific computer on your network for a specific service.

The part about the files playing slow and jerky at least says that the machines are speaking with each other. You may be troubleshooting the wrong issue. If you can see the files but they do not stream steadily, could be a network issue, congestion etc. Are the devices hardwired or using WiFi? May also want to set up the WD and the FIleServer with static adresses instead of using DHCP.

I’ll leave the NFS and MAC portions to the folks here that know that side of the world better than I, but you do not need port forwarding for these computers to communicate. 


in general I would leave the port forwarding blank

router unless you’ve done something, by default the ports should be open

actually Mr Wolf sent me a string of PM’s about this

I mention router, because I’m trying to cover all basis

if you don’t have any forwarding rules, or other QOS settings, vlan’s etc …

then the router is probably fine

if you had any of these things set up, you would already know