Mac Network Map

So I’ve been trying to connect to my Cloud from my iMac for sometime now and have not been able to. I keep getting an error message that says “The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “Videos” can’t be found.” Videos is the name of a folder on the cloud drive. I notices that I was always able to connect to the cloud with my Mac mini which was running on El Captian. But I’ve since gotten rid of that Mac mini and upgraded to the iMac. I migrated all the files to the iMac and the only big difference between both devices (besides specs) is the OS. I’ve changed my ivp6 to local only as well as some other suggestions. I already have the app but the reason why I prefer the mapping is because when I use certain apps, the files are linked by a file path/location. The app does not give a file path. Any help or suggestions on this matter will greatly be appreciated.

The following link contains instructions for mapping a NAS on a Mac:

You can use either the name of your NAS or its IP address.