Mac Lost connection to MyBook World

I recently rebooted my systems and ever since, my mac wich is running on Mountain Lion OS 10.8.5, cannot find the server anymore. But my old pc has no problem locating it. 

Please help !

Then get the IP address on Windows and map it on the Mac. Problem solved.

Same for me, I have lost connection even if the MyBookWorld is showing on the finder. 

Keep getting this message! 

There was a problem connecting to the server “MyBookWorld”.

The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again.

It has been working for a year and now breaks. I can’t pinpoint it as I have changed routers recently due to going to fibre. 

WD or anyone… help!! 

I’m having the same issue. I now have OSX 10.9.2 Mavericks, and when I try accessing the MyBookWorld NAS I get:

There was a problem connecting to the server “MyBookWorld”.

Then I get a “Connection Failed”.

I’m *really*, REALLY disappointed this hasn’t been addressed by WD.  What are you guys waiting for? Do you imagine this sort of support will entice us to purchase further WD products?

Same thing for me. I’ve had it for years, but all of a sudden my computer cannot connect to neither  my WDTVLive nor its connected drives as I could before.

It has been on a wireless network, with a USB drive connected to the WDTVLive, and up to last week, it has (as I said) worked for ages.

I tried unplugging the router, media player, Mac computer, but it still won’t connect.  I have noticed some issues recently in which I had to click “connect as” and select “guest” for it to connect, but now nothing works.