Mac Book Pro Direct MBL connection - very slow

Hi. I’ve just bought a MBL and am in the process of trying to transfer my music and photo library on to it. I have a new Mac Book Pro with a gigabit Ethernet port connected directly to the MBL. Transferring 3GB of files is taking about 8 hours +. I have around 500GB to transfer… That will take me weeks as can only set it up to do it overnight at that speed.

Please help.

That is not a support config. Read manual.

I suggest you use a router. Now, if you are an advanced user, you can use static IPs. But if it does not make sense, stick to the router.

There is still something wrong with my Mac I think.  I connected via the router by ethernet cable to my MBPro and it took 24+ hours to transfer 11GB. Using my Windows Netbook  I connected via the same router/port and ethernet cable I have transfered 90GB in 5 hours.

It also takes my Mac a very long time to browse the MBL - if it does so at all. I can access data using my ipad (from anywhere) in an instant. Given most of my usage is going to be based on the Mac I really need get the read / write access sorted.

So u connected mac>router>mbl or MAC>MBL (if 2nd yes,what config you using MY POST)?

Connected as GUEST or ADMIN>?

Connected mac>router>mbl and as a guest.

(same on the netbook).

FIRST : try to login with ADMIN

Second: Your routter is 1Gbps speed? because my is 10/100Mbps not 1000Mbps,so I’m using MAC>MBL not MAC>ROUTER>BML


My router is 10/100 but still… I did a test last night transferring a 460MB file


Logged in as Admin - 8 mins
Logged in as Guest - 14 min

Windows Netbook-wifi-router-MBL

Logged in as guest - 5 mins - which means my 4 year old netbook is faster than a 6month old Mac Book Pro. Who would have thought…

Someone at work has suggested its the file transfer protocol…


Mac and PC are the same settings? Try to check everything…

I have the same speed I think as you have…

Don’t forget if you downloading something throu WIFI ,and trying to copy/paste to MBL they all using same bandwidth…

Try to download something full speed 10MB/s nad try to connect to your routter,you will be pissed of to wait then you will be connected to your routter

The whole point of plug and play is that it should work no matter what OS you are using especially when is has been sold as compatible. There are issues with access speeds to from the Mac which needs to be addressed. I am currently on my ipad on 3G 120 miles (not that that makes a difference) away from the MBL. Using the app I can access a file on the drive quicker than the Mac can log into the drive.

It’s not a drive issue per-see its seems to be a Mac / drive issue. I’m borrowing a gigabit switch soon… Who knows what that will throw up…

Since MBL works with other systems just fine, I would do the following…

  • Check to see if router sees a different port connection on both ports for netbook and mac. Some routers tell you if connected 10 or 100

  • Make sure the Mac connects at 100mb and check the settings for the NIC. Turn off WIFI just to make sure it does not take that path if on.

  • if above all good and 100-full duplex, swap cables with the netbook. You might have a very old or bad cable.

  • Also try switching ports on router, sometimes they go bad

  • last, upgrade driver.

I also have 10/100 router as well and get decend speeds with my Mac and PC…

Data: 39.39GB
Time: 1:50:05
Speed: 6404590 Bytes/sec.
Speed: 366.473 MegaBytes/min.

Data: 4.66GB
Time: 0:44:11
Speed: 1890589 Bytes/Sec
Speed: 108.80 MegaBytes/Min

You are getting WHAT?


Using Ethernet I was using the same port and the same cable for both the Mac & Netbook so I think that is not the issue. It is how the Mac is accessing the MBL. Wifi turned off. When I have tested a gigabit switch then that will rule out my current router. I really think it is a Mac issue.

How do I check on the Mac the connection / throughput speed?

I have MBPRO mid 2009. Setup MBPRO wired to Airport Extreme and wired to MBL I get:

write 40MB/s

read 60MB/s


UPDATED ROUTTER from OLD *** to TP-LINK WDR 4300 N750 DUAL BAND 450Mbps(5GHz) + 300Mbps(2,4GHz)…



Wifi speed test


Write - 10-13MB/s

Read - 8-10MB/s