Mac Big Sur driver for my book duo

Really sorry if this is a stupid question but I bought a my Book Duo 20TB raid drive last year and have only just got round to setting it up - I am having trouble getting it to read/write and the link I have to a driver doesn’t support the latest Mac OS. I tried this one as well - and have followed the installation instructions but it’s not working either

Please could somebody point me at the latest driver or do I need to go back to Catalina on my Mac?

Thank you

I’m having the same issue. Hoping for some help as well.


The same with me…I’m so frustrated

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Hi there!
Did you set it up with WD Discovery / WD Utilities ? JBOD or Raid 0/1 ?
Normally I’ll set it up with these tools, where I can set the Raid level and format the drives according to my needs.