Mac and windows

ok, i have browsed through the forum looking for a solution but everything is gobbledeegook to me. 

basically, i got the WD mybook 1tb for my xmas, and installedit onto my windows laptop.  now i have brought the drive over to my bf’s house to get files from his laptop onto the drive, so i can then use them on my laptop at home. 

I have tried to install the drive onto the mac, it is letting me do everything, but now when i get to the screen that says select a destiniation, every time i try to select the Public folder in the drive, it wont allow it saying it can not be found. 

I tried looking to partition on disk utility but i can’t figure out what to do. If i need to format something could someone pleeeaaassee break it down in simple terms ? my screen name is n00b for a reason :frowning:

any hep would be greatly appreciated, i need this done asap as the bf is leaving the country in 2 weeks with my files! x

You need a utility on the Mac called NTFS-3G it’s on Apple site here is a post describing it look at post 6


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