Mac always tries to connect to Passport Wireless - errormessage "problem connecting to server"


have a Wifi Passport since one week. since today I have a nasty issue. Get always the error message that the server (my passport was conected via wifi)is not available anymore when Passport is not connected via Wifi. Pops up every 30 sec.

Additionally I can not connect via USB anymore.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 23.41.55.png

Can not connect the Passport via USB anymore

Use Macbook Air MacOS X10.10

1TB Passport Wireless

iTunes and iPhoto library on Passport - linked in as …/volumes/public/iTunesMedia… (basically like on a server) so that I can use them and move with MacbookAir around in house w/o carrying HD

Passport is doing something however no Ap is open 

did reset passport completely (both buttons 10sec)

connect / diconnect many many times

did update firmware

did delete old server entries in Finder - Go - connect to server - [watch button]

PLS help


I recommend you contact support directly for assistance with this.

Contact WD