Mac Alias WDSync?

When set up the MyCloud it wanted to sync Documents - I left that alone. And it also had a share that I could not alter called WDSync. In Finder I see my Documents, The MyCloud sync pair called Documents and there is also a new folder in Finder called WDSync and inside that there is a folder called Documents that appears to be an alias as indicated by the arrow in the icon along with Pictures and Music. Are these all referencing the same files or do I now have duplicate Documents, Pictures and Music. Which one is the right one?


it has been long time since i installed wd cloud so I an not sure that it asked to sync documents automatically. Anyway, I only installed wdmycloud app solely to access off site. At home I use the share, in Finder under share there is “wdmycloud” share. I just login and use the drive. I then installed wdsync and under settings i told it what to sync "documents, movies, pictures, music. BUT I don’t have a folder called wdsync in finder as you suggest.

In finder I only have a sync folder called “My cloud” which contains, as you pointed out, references to documents, music, pictures movies etc… these are all aliases to the real folders. you can tell by inspecting the contents of each. As a matter of act, if you click on any of the aliases it will take you to the real folder.

On finder there is a folder called “Documents”, this is the real Document folder.


So, I think I know what happened. After installing the WDMyCloud, it created the alias folder - WDWync and loaded it with the alias to Documents, Music and Pictures. Then I started consolidating my other cloud drives to WDMyCloud and in the process dropped a cloud folder called Documents in to the WDSync folder. Now I had the WD Documents and the second Documents. Yesterday I deleted the Physical Documents folder in the WDSync Alias and I no longer have duplicate files.

Just have to wonder why WD went to the trouble of creating the folder alias AND asked you to sync Documents, Music and Pictures via their interface.