M computer recognizes the HD but cannot see data

Beforw this, my hard disk works fine. I can see the data and everything. The other day, i connected ky hard disk to my friend’s laptop. I guess her laptop has a virus or something because next thing I know, i try connect the hard disk to my laptop, and my anti virus (avast) said that a virus has been detected.

My computer still recognizes my hard disk and when i open my computer, i can see that my hard disk still has all the files in it but when i open it, all the files are not thwre except a ‘recycler’ folder. I dont know where the folder comes from.

It seems like ky files are hidden or something. So how do i retrieve it?

Please, help me.

As a recommendation, you can try with a data recovery software to see if the drive still shows the information.

Also check the folder settings, maybe the virus hided the files.