Low resolution text menus and video quality loss since changing monitor

Previously the WDTV Live was displaying correctly with my Philips 21:9 cinema display at 1080p 60 via HDMI but since temporarily changing the TV to a Samsung PDP which only supports 1080i 60 via DVI-D the quality of the text and images is very poor.  I have tried all HDMI settings up to 1080i and 8/12 bit colour, substituted the HDMI cable and all other options but this has not resolved the problem.  My PS3, Sky+ box and TViX 6500 HD all work fine without any display problems can anyone offer any suggestions until my Philips is returned from the shop.



After looking at the firmware area it seems that other users have been having this problem for at least 4 weeks and although the menu is showing 1080i 60 or whatever the actual output is only 480p.   Does WD monitor the community as there seems to be a serious lack of support from the manufacturer.  Others have emailed support about this problem and have not received any responses.


Like I said in another this thread - this is a product with a very good potential, and a decent chipset, but horrid quality firmware - ridden with bugs and horrible support - no they do not monitor the forum, it’s only an excuse - they have clearly abandoned the product, and expect it to be discontinued in 3 months, by then maybe 1 more firmware update and that’s it and it won’t solve half of the issues people encounter.

This should be a lesson to people in the future never to buy any WD products.  A product that is labeled “HD” and has troubles displaying HD ? [text deleted]   WD reminds me a lot of Matrox and how POORLY they supported their graphic card and video editing line of products and Creative Labs of course, but WD seems to TOP them all in terms of bad support.

The product has been released sine October 2009 for **bleep**sake - what the hell are we bloody waiting for all this time and no significant changes were added to the box!!!

DOes WD even give a **bleep** anymore, not even an ackknowledgement that they are working on things, NOTHING.