Love the idea of SmartWare, but

I wish SmartWare wasn’t so **bleep** smart.

I love the idea of having a device that backs up changes to my files every time I plug it in.  And that it keeps the five latest versions.  However…

* the sonofagun is s l o w.   The interface takes forevuhhhhh to paint.

* The “category” idea is totally lame, yet another example of software engineers trying to be too clever.  (The most egregious example of this phenomenon is Google Mail’s “conversation view”).

I want backup software that springs into action as soon as I plug in my external drive (a la SmartWare), but allows me to select what I want to backup by DIRECTORY, not CATEGORY.  That will automatically backup changes and keep several versions, and will allow me to restore individual files and directories, not CATEGORIES.  And I want it to perform like it’s 2010, not  1969.

Anyone know of any software that fits that description?

uuummmm…my answer would be…NO!

But surely there is a techy person out in the universe, somewhere, who could write such a programme?

He/she would make a fortune!