Lots of problems!


I bought my 4 TB MBLD about 3 months ago, and to be quite honest I’ve not been impressed. There’s 3 main issues I seem to be facing on a daily basis and Im 100% sure this shouldn’t be happening.

1 - I can’t upload a folder with subfolders ie Films > Batman > The Dark Knight >The_Dark_Knight.mp4

I have to upload the Films folder (empty with nothing inside) , then add every subfolder (empty) indidvidually and then put in the files individually… and it’s a nightmare.

2 - I can’t use the web access (through wd2go.com) on ANY laptop, not even the one I set it up on, in the same room, on the same network!!! And no I’m not using the wrong credentials.

3 - Im fine accessing my drive on my iPad / iPhone at home on the same network, but when Im at work and try access my files it just says device offline, even though I’ve changed the settings saying never to go into sleep mode.

I’ve heard about this SAMBA solution, is this really what I need to do? I thought from your promotional videos that it was simple for non-tech savvies like myself, that’s why I chose WD and not your competitors.

1-  Ok, so what happens when you try to do that?  … and HOW are you doing that?    I do that via Windows and Linux QUITE often with no issues.

2- Ok, so what happens?

3- Are you sure your office network isn’t firewalled and preventing access?  Does it work from OTHER networks other than your home or office (such as a public WiFi hotspot?)   By the way, SLEEP mode has NOTHING to do with it.  Mine are all configured to idle / sleep, and it still works fine, because a WD 2go connection will wake it up  (ANY connection will wake up a sleeping disk.)

“SAMBA” is the native file sharing protocol of Windows.    I don’t know what you’re asking when you ask “is this really what I need to do?”   The MBLD is ALREADY doing it.  Whether your PC is or isn’t is a whole different thing.

By the way, you already posted question 1 before, and people tried to help, but you never answered the questions.

If you expect help, you’re going to need to be interactive.