Lost Shares kinda fixed

As in my previous story, I had my comp and smp hooked up directly to my ISP router and changed that to having them hook up directly to a gigabit router and that helped stop my .iso studdering.  I had no problem with seeing the network shares… Well, I still had one small episode with the studdering coming back but it hasn’t happened again yet.  When I switched to adding the gigabit router into the line, the network shares showed up just like they were supposed to.

Anyway…thats not my story for today… next story to add to that.  My shares/movies are in my main theater comp, and I went to a friends house with two other computers that I have and unhooked the longer ethernet cable that I needed from my theater/shares computer and used it for the night. 

When I tried to start the SMP the next day I had forgotten that I unhooked the network cable and of course it didn’t work.  When I remembered I rehooked up the cable and tried to get back on to no avail.  It wouldn’t see the shares for anything.  I tried all kinds of stuff for a long part of the day for it to see the shares and could get nothing to work.  Rebooting, clearing, shutting down, taking the shares off, adding them again, messing with the router.  All my other comps saw the shares just fine but nothing.  So, just trying to get the SMP to see them again, I went back to hooking up the smp and the shares back into the ISP router and boom, they came back instantly.  The studdering was the same but it worked. 

Well, i thought wth I’ll go ahead and hook them back into the gigabit router to see if it will come back.  I just switched the wires and I didn’t have to do anything, by the time I walked upstairs everything worked again.

So, I know very little about networking, built plenty of computers but why would this work, I’m thinking that everybody who can’t get the SMP to see their NAS has two routers that are messing things up.  Windows gave a solution while I was trying to fix it today, that both routers NAT setting might be messing things up.  I tried shutting down a NAT setting on the gigabit router but that didn’t work but somehow maybe hooking their SMP and NAT into one router first and then adding the other might help them.

Anyway, I’m just telling my story, I don’t know what really happened.  At this moment I’m watching Braveheart bluray .iso with no stuttering again and I can see all my movies, until something different happens tomorrow. :wink:

Hope this helps somebody. 

Well…Is kind of strange, however Im glad you are able to watch your videos again.

yea, strange.  Still working right now.  I guess not too many people have 2 routers in their setup conflicting with each other :slight_smile: