Lost shares after downgrade


I had to downgrade firmware after the last update which completely screwed up media sharing. Now on Twonky rather than WD media server, but all of my stores (except default ‘Public’) have gone, along with my users. However my data is still on the drive … somewhere. I know this because there are 37Gb of used storage, but the Public only has 2Gb. I can’t map to the ‘missing’ stores from a PC, and they do not appear in the dashboard.

If I can’t remember what the exact names of each store were, how can I actually access this data again?



Some more info…

I’ve located the lost shares through a WinSCP session - I can see them named in the ‘Shares’ folder. Still can’t make them appear in the MBL dashboard or be available as network mapped drives. If I create a new one with the exact same name inthe dashboard then they are empty so do not pick up the content from the ‘lost’ ones.

any ideas?

When you add them they will show as having no space used in the dashboard but if you click off the shares page and back, it should update the space used in each share. You should be able to browse them on your network without issue. If not, try rebooting the MBL again.

Further update.

I’ve upgraded back to the latest firmware but kept Twonky as the media server. I recreated the folders and MBL has been restarted but still no luck. They show as having no content, even when I browse as a network drive or via WinSCP.

So I’m at a loss as to how I can access the 30+Gb of data on the MBL that is in shares I can’t see!

If you can’t see the data with WinSCP by browsing to /shares/ and then browsing inside your shares then the data got deleted somehow. Does the dashboard still state you have data used on the drive?