Lost Properties Copying to MyClooud

Hi, I have recently purchased and installed the 4TB MyCloud. I have begun copying my archives of photos onto it. During the copy Win 10 stopped and stated that a .JPG file “has properties that cannot be copied” and by continuing I would lose these properties. I recognised the photo as one taken from an Android phone and my reading suggests that one of the properties that could be stripped is the geolocation information.

Is there a way to copy all of my photos without losing any properties/data?

Thanks, Glenn

Unfortunately , you’re copying from an NTFS formatted drive to an EXT4 formatted drive , some of the NTFS tagging information cannot be copied to an non-NTFS indexed drive , the space just isn’t there in the destination indexes.

Saying that , I don’t think you’d lose the geolocation information , you COULD try copying one file over and then testing to see what information was missing on the destination file to be sure.

Properties inside the FILES will never be lost.

It’s properties OF the file (the attributes and whatnot) are not compatible with network file systems in many cases.

IIRC, geolocation metadata is in the EXIF header, which is safely stored inside the file.