Lost power adaptor to my WD My Book Studio 2TB

Lost power adaptor to my WD My Book Studio 2TB. I can’t seem to find the right power adaptor for it, so I decided to just take the HD off my My Book HD and just buy a hard drive enclosure.

I bought an Ensignia enclosure, but it didn’t read my hard drive at all. The LED light was just blinking… I thought I had a defective enclosure.

I bought another enclosure/docking station. I bought the Thermaltake BlacX ST0005U. Same problem. It doesn’t read my HD.

I’m not sure if my HD turned bad on me, or my enclosure is not compatible with my HD.

I did try it with other HD I have laying around, and it works. 

I’m using Mac OSX, using Firewire/USB, both enclosures are powered @ 12V/2A.

Anyone else having issues like mine? Thanks!


Are you able to connect the drive internally on a desktop computer for testing purposes? 

Yes, I hooked up the HD internally on a desktop computer running Windows and laptop running Windows (connected to USB)  but still, all I get is blinking light. The HD doesn’t even ‘spin’.