lost photo file

I had the photos on a Passport drive. what is the safest way to retrieve the photo file?

Please give specific directions as I am a Nube

Thank You Denise


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Last updated January 21, 2019


Depends on how you saved the files.

If you just copied from the PC and pasted on the Passport, just do the opposite. Copy from Passport and paste them on the PC.

If you used WD Backup, open Backup and select Restore at the top. Then select “Select Files to Restore” at the bottom. For details click “Help” at the bottom left.

If you used anything else, you are on your own.


I deleted them from my pc after I moved them to the passport. They disappeared from the passport. so they are nowhere. Some look they are overwritten
But the weird thing is some appear to not be overwritten but when I try to open then I can not.

Is W.D. backup a cloud?

No! WD Backup is software to copy files from your PC to your Passport. Passport is just a hard drive mounted in a separate box and connect through the USB port.

Try copying (not moving!) the good files (not overwritten) back to the PC and see if they open there.


i’ll see what i can do I’ll let you know how it goes

Recuva said it could not scan my hard disk and the files i found don’t seem to be photos. here is what i am seeing.