Lost Folder while transferring data into it

Hi Everyone,

Got an issue yesterday with My Cloud 4tb.  I have about 500mb on it for now simply to do ground testing until I feel safe putting my stuff inside.

Yesterday I was transferring some pictures into a specific folder which was structured like this:

All my pictures/2014/the Beach/

and while transferring about 30 images to it my laptop crashed with the blue screen of death.  I restarted the laptop and reconnected to it without any problem… and then I noticed that the 2014 folder had dissapeared… Unable to find it and doing a search can’t find it either… the 2014 folder is LOST!!!

Anyone can help with this???  It would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!

You did not give the exact steps you took to upload these pictures but if you were using the My Cloud desktop app you can click on Favorites>Recent Files and see if it shows.

What share was this located under? How did you create the folder? See example image below.

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