Lost files/no volume found on internal hard drive ** solved **

I just wanted to let everyone know my experience so it may help someone else before they replace their WD Live TV HUb.

Shortly after doing a firmware update, I found all my files were missing & in the drive management, the volume could not be found. I called support, tried many different things, reset, mapping, ect. Support came to the conclusion the box was bad & the unit was not under warranty. He said I could bring it somewhere and have it looked at. So my main concern was the 500gb of files that may have been lost. Surprisingly, the case opened fairly easy, and remove the hard drive. I purchased a Vantec Sata to USB adaptor, connectected the drive to my computor and I was estatic my file were all there!! I backed up all of them (just my files, not the operating files) then i deleted the files on both partitions, put the drive back in the box, and low and behold, the first screen that came up was asking if i wanted to format the drive? at first i said no, went to the disc manger and still had no drive listed. so I did a reset, did the format as prompted, restarted and the drive was now visible, and showed 930 gigs available. I hope this helps.

Thanks for posting this. 

Kinda sounds like maybe the connection to the drive itself got messed up.  

Wow, that’s great news that you got your files back. Thanks for the post and the info.