Lost files. Can anyone help?


I hope someone can help me?

I have a similar problem to the OP in this thread. I have a My Cloud Home device with several different folders on it. On Friday I was re-naming some of the videos in one folder. Everything was fine for the first 100 or so videos but then I clicked “rename” for another video, the screen went blank and the parent folder re-loaded…the problem is that now the folder that I was working in is no longer visible. It is a big folder with lots of unique videos that I really need to get access to again if at all possible.

I am using a Mac and the iPhone app and I can’t see the file in either the app or the website interface. I have started a support request but I haven’t heard anything back from WD and I am hoping that somebody on here might be able to help point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for your help,