Lost data on my World Edition

Please help!  Hi have a My Book World Edition ( Blue Light) TB.  Has worked find for years and just yesterday I went to acess the drive and became sick to my stomach when I fould all my data GONE!  wow…I live by myself there for no one has messed with it.  today I tried to add a file to it and it accepted it like it was brand new.  trust me when i say its empty.  not sure what caused it to dump all my data however, like most I used it as my back up drive therefore I have lost my world…kids pics, tax info,etc… someone tell me there is someway to recover my data please :frowning:


Try this:


Thanks much, I will give it a try…

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Remember that the File System of the WD My Book World is EXT3, this means that any Recovery Software you are willing to try should support that File System.

No comfort, but sounds as if your back-up strategy is flawed! Your back up server should hold a copy of your data and not become the sole source. Your “original” data should be retained on your PC/Laptop or at least archived to some other storage media if you run out of space - CD/DVD discs, flash drives or simple plug-in USB drive. Using MBW as a NAS for easy data access and streaming is fine, but using it  as a single source of data is very risky. Hope you get some joy from the recovery software.