Lost connections to Twonky

During a media streaming, my xbox lost connection to twonky. The only way to restore the connection was to power off the xbox and turn it on again. After that I found another “By folder” entry in the MBL dlna menu so I think twonky started for some reason another media rescan. Since I did not modify files or folders during the streaming I do not know why the scan took place. I am using the last firmware.

Watching at ip:9000 “Server status” page at “Last database change:” entry I see that the disconnection did not happen on media rescan. So a new “By folder” entry appeared even if there haven’t been rescans…

I am a bit bored of this situation. I spent a lot of money on my drive and now I can not see more than 30minutes of streamed video? I am spending more time posting on forum than watching what I want.

Now I get an “Access denied” on XBOX…

A database change has happened (without any modification on filesystem) and the connection has been lost.

Powering off xbox and start it again do not fix the problem. I should take my old 500MB usb drive out of the box since “it just works!”