Lost 2 HDD at almost the same time (within 8 seconds of each other) then the Fan failed

Extract from log: 06/11 10:23:31 WDShareSpace daemon.alert wixEvent[862]: Thermal Alarm - System temperature exceeded threshold.(54 degrees) 06/11 05:29:19 WDShareSpace daemon.alert wixEvent[862]: Fan Fail - The fan is bad or the sensor is bad. 06/11 05:04:41 WDShareSpace daemon.alert wixEvent[862]: Volume Status - Volume ‘DataVolume’ is in degraded mode. 06/11 04:49:16 WDShareSpace daemon.alert wixEvent[862]: HDD Status - HDD 1 is absent. 06/11 04:49:08 WDShareSpace daemon.alert wixEvent[862]: HDD Status - HDD 2 is absent. Drives 1 & 2 will no longer detect on system startup. I have removed and re-seated the drives will no affect. I removed one of the supposedly failed drives and placed it into a PC it detects fine. This appears to be a controller board failure going on the fact 2 drives and the fan failed within 1 hour of each other, the drives within 8 seconds of each other. These drives were set up in a RAID-5 volume. Currently this reports as failed, obviously as it lost 2 drives. Is this a known issue? Is there any linux commands we can run to attempt to get this volume back online to retrieve the data (ssh is enabled)? any ideas, help would be greatly appreciated

This sounds like something may have gone wrong with the enclosure. Have you received a replacement drive yet? Does the enclosure show it as working?

Ardvark Thanks for the reply, more helpful than WD support! Yes, it was the enclosure. I have since fixed this with the help of a mate and without the need for purchasing a new enclosure, the only suggestion support could come up with. There was no way i was handing out more good money for a defective product. Worst support i have come across in a while, im surprised they new where the on/off button was, there knowledge of there own product was amazingly lacking. WD Level 2 support is a joke. All i can say, is this is last WD product i will be purchasing and all other IT professionals in my range of friends have heard about this drama and lack of support. run far away from WD, all i use (previously purchased) WD drives for now is scratch volumes. can not trust the data integrity even in a raid 5 configuration. jd