Loss of internet connectivity on wired connections


I’ve got quite some trouble since connecting a my cloud 3TB device to my network. I’m using a regular router with WLAN and some powerline adapters, so that my main PC’s can use a stable LAN cable connection instead of WIFI.

  1. Connectivity of PC’s with wired connection:

Ever since connecting the “my Cloud” my wired connections cannot access the internet anymore. The only connections that actually work are from the PC to the my Cloud drive (even with http). Also pinging works on internal devices. But neither outbound http, https or ftp seem to work. The PCs themselves do get IP addresses assigned by DHCP, but that’s about all. 

  1. WIFI connections still ok:

Anything connecting using wireless LAN works as should. Which is strange as all traffic goes over the same router.

  1. Cloud access disabled, but still working:

Using the Web interface I’ve disabled cloud access on the “my Cloud”, as I only want the device to be a NAS in my internal network. I don’t want it to be available from outside my network. However using the smartphone myCloud App I can still access all my data from outside, it’s as if the setting has no effect at all. 

This is quite frustrating as the device should really not be more than a Network shared drive. It should not be some monstrous software that takes over my whole network and punches holes into my NAT. Does anybody have any Idea what  could be wrong?

If you use Windows PC’s then click on Start>Help and Support, type internet connection in the search box and click on the search icon. Check out the information that is provided.

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cat0w (USA)

I would remove the powerline adapters at least until everything is stable as they can cause a lot of issues. this is one of those things that sound great on paper but only work in some cases

with wifi turned off on the phone you should not be able to access the cloud if remote access is turned off even at home. if you still can I would turn it on try it, then off again and try it. if it still dosn’t disable remote access do a system only restore which will leave data and shares in place and everything else reset like new.

other people have had issues with losing internet access with the mycloud connected and it turned out to be router settings. I don’t recall the details but some searches should find it

Thank you for all the replies

After noticing that the Device kept automatically reactivating the Cloud Access If finally managed to resolve the situation by

-Removing my device from my Online WD Account
-Removing the device from my Mobile Phone (WD App)
-Removing my device from my OSX WD App
-Disabling Cloud Connectivity in the Webbrowser Interface
-Restarting all Devices in my internal Network

It seems to me as if the my Cloud constantly is keeping up a connection to some WD server if the device is listed in one of the online systems. This constant connection seems to be buggering up the Powerline adapters. Once I managed to get the myCloud of the internet things actually worked the way I want them to.