Loss of Images - cf2.imgobject.com URL DEAD Feb-2015

This started this week 2/16/2015 - The use of cf2.imgobject.com URL DEAD.

All Get Info return no images metathumb  or thumbnails.

Seems that TMDB has taken down cf2.imgobject.con - replaced by image.tmdb.org

Since this is in the firmware I hope that there will be a fix/update to correct this in ALL WD Media player.

Was a firmware update performed just before this happened? If not, then the database change is not related to the device’s firmware, but to the actual service.

The box’s firmware generates the xml and metathumb files during a “Get Info” request - using data from tmdb.org.

This is a WD Firmware issue since you generate and download the data…

The issue is the LOSS - SITE DOWN of cf2.imgobject.com that is used in the xml files pointing at backdrops and thumbnails. The generation and downloading  of the metathumb file ( a jpg image) is under the firmware’s control.

I hope that WD will update the OLD boxes’ firwamre to fix the Deprecated of the site URL cf2.imgobject.com usage.

The TMDB.ORG - yes has changed their service as they have Twitted: Noting that they will be aking down the DNS/URL of cf2.imgobject.com ( as far back as back in 2012), but keep active up until now. They advised the change to use: image.tmdb.org - thier fully supported URL for images…

That sounded a lot like you’re signing off and no action will be taken on this… I hope that’s not the case, because a firmware adjustment (the first in eons) is required to patch this.

I’ve noticed this too - any chance of a fix? It’s very annoying having ‘blanks’ in my movie covers.

Can’t you just use Thumbgen?

Yes one can use external tools to generate the xml and metathumb files for those that are PC/MAC people. But those who use the WD TV Live Hub, like my 100 year old mother-in-law,  rely unpon it working as advertised.

As for “Giving Up”, I started this issue over a year ago when the XML files got smaller and smaller, with less data. All of this because the “Service” changed it API call from version 2.1 to 3. Go back and look at some original xml files - we lost , … The “Service” for Movies is the issue, TV and Music still work fine.

I wrote a Web Interface to retrive the missing xml values, using the updated API Version 3 calls to api.themoviedb.org, and have lived with this as a TEMP fix hoping  that WD would issues an update - they never did, yet.

And NOW just last week, the generated xml and metathumb files are useless becase the “Service” has depreciated the URL of cf2.imgobject.com data site. Living with missing xml values was not a “Drop DEAD” issue, but now the metathumb (icon, cover…) jpg files are just a text error message.  Take a look at one with a text editor - its no longer a jpg image.

Do not get me wrong, I really like the Product, having bought and installed several of them in every family members house when they first can out - they all love them. Some of my friends have installed the latest WD Media players and really enjoy them, too, but they do not have these problems - We are “Legecy” units according to WD.

It is not that WD does not know how to correct the issue, since its latest products, are working fine.

TMDB is probably going to re-enable the domain


Testing 2/26/2015 4:pm PST - it appears that cf2.imgobject.com domain is back on-line.

Reports from TMDB early this week was they were restoring this domain