Losing WD info when reformatting to ntfs?

i am wanting to reformat my passport to ntfs. although i am worried that i will lose all of the WD info for setup,sync ,etc once i reformat. are those items even needed once i have setup the hard drive when i first purchased it.it staes that there is 80+gb of info in the documentation and i dont have a place for all that on my internal hd. i also want to know that i am correct in understanding that it DOES need to be ntfs. i tried to drag and drop some rtather large files (22gb) onto Passport and it didnt work, so that leads me to belive i need ntfs?

any help will be appreciated.thanks.   


Indeed you need to reformat your drive into NTFS in order to transfer files over 4 GB. Keep in mind you need to backup your drive data before changing the file system.