Losing data while moving files

I’ve noticed recently, that whenever I move a file around in an external hard drive I often lose it. If first says Access Denied and then it disappears. This only happens when I’m working through the WDTV Live and *not* when the drive is connected directly to the computer. (It’s why I think my issue is with the WDTV) Also, it only happens with My Book Essentials 1-tb and not with Seagate FreeAgent 1-tb.

Not sure if the layout or how I access the drive might make a difference. The WDTV is hard-wired to a Linksys router and is blocked from net access. FreeAgent is USB1 and My Book USB2. Unless it is a huge file, like 8GB, I always transfer files over the network and move them around on the drive remotely. I created a shortcut in the taskbar to the drives themselves and work with them through Windows Explorer. (Using WDTV’s internal File Manager is not as robust or convenient since the tv and computer are in the same room)

Another odd thing, sometimes the WDTV does not see the My Book on USB2 and I have to eject FreeAgent to get access. Sometimes when I have to do this, the WDTV doesn’t always reject the FreeAgent properly and will reboot itself. At that point I have to turn the device off and then disconnect the FreeAgent…

The final thing I want to mention, when I lose a file, I can’t even recover it with data recovery software. It’s like it never was on the drive. Again, these issues only happen with the My Book and not the FreeAgent. The My book is only a couple months old but is used extensively. The FreeAgent just got.

Has anyone else experience these challenges? Is there a fix available?

I’ve experienced the same thing with my WD Elements ext hd. Whenver I try and move some files using Win Explorer, I sometimes get “Access Denied” and the file disappears.

I’m stumped!