Losing 123GB disk space during defrag...?

I thought defragging frees up disk space if anything…

I recently bought a 1TB drive. And filled it up to 870GB. So I went and deleted 20GB of unneeded stuff and decided to defrag it for the first time to make use of the new space.

I used Defraggler and I noticed that as I was defragging the drive it was listing my disk space as having less and less space… by the time the defrag finished I only had TWENTY-EIGHT GB LEFT!?

Has anyone ever heard of this or know what might cause this? I was thinking i’d end up with MORE disks pace not 123GB LESS!


I’ve never heard of that.  Usually defragging the drive realigns the data so that your pc doesn’t have to work so hard to find data.  Defragging should leave your PC the same size. You may want to run Windows’ error checking and WD’s diagnostic utility to make sure that bad sectors weren’t being discovered as the drive was defragging.