Lose HDMI signal when switching TV back on

Hi,  this is a really annoying problem. 

I have my SMP playing a video and then turn off my tv but leave the SMP on.  After about half an hour I switch the tv back on and there’s no signal.  The only way to get a signal is to power down the SMP.

If I switch the TV off then on again without a half hour delay the signal is still there. 

I set the SMP’s video out to Auto and also tried setting the resolution myself.  It still has the same problem.

Any advice on this appreciated.

I haven’t noticed this problem yet with my WD TV Live Streaming device but then again I’ve only owned it for about two days now.

The good news is that there is a sure-fix solution.

The bad news is that it will cost you about $100. You need this device. I was having the same issue with one of my HTPC’s losing signal with my Yamaha network receiver and this solved the issue.

There may be a software workaround in the WDTV but I think the issue is the intercompatibility between the WDTV and what you’re hooking it up into and if you want to use HDMI, you’ll need this gadget to fix it once and for all.

Hey gasman, thanks for replying and for the link to that device.  Hope I don’t need it in future, as I think I’ve figured out the problem.  The signal was lost because my SMP was crashing due to losing the live stream I was playing.  I tried streaming a folder full of videos and left the tv off for a couple of hours.  Switched it back on and the video came back up on the screen like it should.  So the issue seems to be live streams causing the player to crash hard when they drop; which is also an annoyance in itself.