Loosing Net Shares with no reason!


I have a PC with windows 8.1 running with no problems.

I have 15 drives shared using raids, plain sata drives and usb drives.

so yesterday I add another usb drive.

At one point or another I did a reboot on that PC.

The new drive is seen by WDTVlive Hub but I lost 2 other!!!..

… and I can not bring them back!!!

other PCs see all the (now 16 drives) with no problem.

By the way,  I power cycle PCs, and WDTVs numerous times

Is there a limit on the shares?

Any ideas.

Sorry for the somewhat repeat issue but …

Cant we just have a way to add the shares manually???

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

Octavio Ruivo

Its me again!

The firmware is the latest 

Defaulted to factory.


 No Clue,   Im having a similar Network Shares problem, but not such a complex network. 

If anything turns up, let you know.