Looking to rebuild home AV network... Looking at WD hardware

Currently run a build HTPC with 2X 2TB HDD’s running through an Onkyo 7.1 AV unit to a 55" Sharp Aquos.  This is located in the “Man Cave”, hard network-wired with an XBox360.  My wi-fi signal is very weak in this location on my home network and as such, i have to switch the CAT cable anytime i want to connect the XBox to the net (This is though very rare). 

Elsewhere in the house, we have a 40" sony flat in the bedroom and 2 desktops in an office, 2 laptops a few ipods and a couple of blackberrys floating about.  In the office is the router.  All 4 ports are used (HTPC in basement, two desktops and one laptop).

Right now, all my Vid/Aud/Pics are stored on one of the 2TB HDD’s (About 1.9TB worth).  Some of the downsides of my HTPC are starting to really annoy me and as such am looking at replacing with some WD equipment.  I’d like to continue access in the man cave of all my data however i’d also like to be able to access this information on my 40" in the bedroom. Also accessing it from either of my desktops or the laptops (Or even some of the handhelds) would be cool too!!!.

The area i have concern over is the wifi capacity.  I’d prefer to go wired if at all possible.  I then stumbled upon WD livewire.  I am thinking that by going with a WD hub with an external with the 2TB, media player and a livewire would solve my issues just not sure if it would and how it would work…

Any direction, suggestion would be a big help!!!

Well, the WD TV Live Wire will allow you to stream your data in your network, as long as you meet the requirements for the device.

In regards of the WD TV Live Hub, yes, it work for your needs,  you can use it to stream your movies, photos and music over your network. Also, the WD TV Live Hub will stream to any DLNA/UPnP compatible device.

Just the warning
you get around 10MB/s transfer speed top

with or without gigabit router on WD TV Hub

Is this the case with all WD media players or just this one?

I am talking only about WD HUB (the one with HDD)
post that question on each players page to get users response