Looking For assistance Roku and Cloud

I am very new to this and have no formal computer training but I survive.
My question as follows. I maintain a display (tv) at my American Legion where I run MP4 from a flsh drive, which has posters and picture made in power point. can anyone tell me if I can place the mp4 file on the cloud and then run it from a Roku based tv with out having to use the usb port, just link via wifi to the cloud.

Thanks for any guidance

You probably can. Roku has a channel (i,e, app) you can add called Roku Media Player. It will play mp4 files, so give it a try.

Thanks, trying to do it with out spending money LOL

No $ needed.

Yes you can stream media from a My Cloud through a Roku to the TV. As the previous poster indicated you would use the FREE Roku Media Player “channel”. The Roku Media Player will see the Twonky media server embedded within the single bay My Cloud and stream any compatable media (MP4 for example) in any Share that has Media Serving enabled on it in the My Cloud Dashboard.

I stream lots of media, almost all video in MP4 format, to several Roku’s (older 2 XS models).

One suggestion. If trying to stream newer 4K or high bitrate video its best to have the Roku connected via Ethernet cable to the same Gigabit router the My Cloud is connected to. WiFi can sometimes cause hickups when streaming depending on the router and how crowded the local wifi neighborhood is.


Read initial post again carefully. The OP has a simple setup and request. Your reply may need to be modified.