Looking for an old WD hard drive, WD1600LB-00EDA0

Hello all. I am looking for a specific Western Digital hard drive to be used in a head swap.

The MDL # is: WD1600LB-00EDA0

I am really only concerned about matching the model # and firmware, however a DCM with the same 4th and 5th character would be great. He lost photos of his children’s first two birthdays. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. A scan of the HD cover can be found at http://www.jeremyclow.com/files/Andys_Hard_Drive.pdf.

Thank you!


Did you try eBay?

Yeah, I tried eBay and multiple stores that according to Google, may have had the drive in stock. No luck yet. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I hope you also have a clean room.  cause if you open that drive it’s toast.  you need to do data recovery with a company that has a clean room.

I’m assuming (hoping) he means just swapping the PCBs, not opening the enclosure.

:smileyvery-happy:you never know.