Logon as admin on local network only?

I just realized my MyCloudEX2 with OS5 firmware uses external communication to WD when I logon as admin. (https://device-local-7da …………remotewd.com:8543)

Isn’t it possible to limit the admin configuration of the Mycloud to local network only?

Kurt Hansen

Disable Cloud Access in the My Cloud Dashboard. Or better, block internet access to the My Cloud in your router/gateway’s administration interface.

I don’t want to disable external web access at all. I have some shares to be open for external access, but I don’t like the possibility to logon as admin from external. Possible?

One may want to disable the Remote Dashboard option on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section if they have it enabled.

My Cloud OS 5: Remote Dashboard Access

Its possible accessing the My Cloud Dashboard > Cloud Access, select the administrator account, then select the “edit” icon for the account listed in the Cloud Account for Device Owner: admin section. From there you can see what options are available that may accomplish what you seek.


Another option, if you are not doing it already, is to setup and use different User accounts for Cloud Access. Then only use those non administrator accounts for Cloud Access and do not give out or use the administrator account for remote access. If you have already given out the administrator user account information, then change the administrator account’s cloud access password which should prevent others from using that account when accessing the My Cloud remotely.

I My case the Web Dashboard access was disabled, but HTTPS Redirect was enable t. Dissembling HTTPS redirect did the job.