Logitech Harmony and WDTV Live Plus

Logitech 650 and WDTV Live Plus, got it all set up fine with my equipment except for one annoying issue I cannot resolve.

When I select the Activity I created for the WDTV (I use “Watch a Movie”), the remote automatically switches the WDTV to “Home” then “Video”; I end up on the “USB” folder for my external USB drive, regardless of what I was doing before. I leave the WDTV Live on all the time; what I *want* it to do when I select that activity is simply swap the TV over to that input (which it does), change the remote codes to that for the WDTV (which it does), and then do nothing more. Just stay wherever it was when I last left it.

Ideas? This is my first Harmony remote, only had it a few days and I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get one…

I have a Harmony ONE.   

I told it in the activity NOT to switch “Inputs” on the WDTV.   It doesn’t make sense anyway, since the WDTV isn’t an input device.    That might be what you’re running into, if you told it “Video” input.

Thanks, Tony.

When I’m going through the setup wizard, it asks me “What input or channel does your Western Digital WDTV need to be on?” The options to select are:

Video (Recommended)
Source input is missing

Notice it doesn’t give me a “none” option or anything like that…

Pick source input is missing.