Logitech Harmony 659


I’m a new proud owner of a WD Live device.  I’m having issues with my Harmony controlling it.  When I set it up I chose Media Center PC, and then WD for Manufacturer and WD TV Live for the model.  Anyways, when I ‘choose my activity’ and it powers all the devices, it seems to power everything on Ok.  But, the WD TV Live isn’t working in the ‘activity’ function.  The only way I can use it is by choosing ‘device’ and then choose my WD TV device and then everything works okay.

Anyone else have issues with getting it to work within an activity without needing to choose the device manually?


Welcome to the forums.

Remember that with Harmony remotes you need to edit the device to make sure the proper one has “control” when you are in an activity.  IOW, the basic setup for the Harmony has to turn control over to some particular device for , let’s say the enter button.  At this point it probably isn’t assigned to the Live, so you just need to edit that profile.

It’s easy to do but hard to explain well.  The best way I can describe it is that there is a “meta” state for the Harmony.  When it’s set to a particular device then it will obviously always control all the buttons on that device.  When set for an activity it has to make up its mind what device gets what buttons.  You can, however, edit ALL of these buttons in each activity on the Harmony page.

If you go to the page and have any problems with this concept post here again and I’ll see if I can walk you through it in more detail.