Logins no longer work after update to OS5

I pleased to report that my MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA is working well on OS3 and that I will not be updating to OS5. Using my Oppo App, my user name and password are recognised and I can access the files as they appear on the drive. With my Mirror drive that I upgraded to OS5 I can no longer sign in to my account as my username and password are not recognised. The Twonky app appears not to read my folders but only show media e.g. video, photos etc. However, while photos are listed I can’t view them and videos play only sound. Needless to say I will transfer all video and audio media files to the new drive which I shall continue to run on OS3. As I can’t seem to roll back the OS version on the mirror drive I will be using that just for documents. Hugely disappointing, but thank goodness for OS3 on the new drive as all is not lost.

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Brand new EX2 out of box, decided to upgrade to latest OS/firmware before started using for backups. It will let me in under Admin account, but have a few people that need access and only one can be logged under a single username. So I created 2 other accounts, and both say “Incorrect Credentials”. It seems it will let me create the local logins under user accounts logged in as Admin, but when I log out and try to go in as one of other accounts it doesn’t work. How can I (really WD) fix this issue?

@graceadmin local user accounts cannot log to the Admin UI Dashboard in My Cloud OS 5.
Local users can only access shares using Windows Samba, macOS Finder, Web and Mobil app if Cloud Access is enabled and others such as FTP Server if configured.