Login to Facebook doesn't work! (Any change of a fix?)

Hello !  all :wink:

I just purchased the Live HUB and i really like the interface and functions so far.

The only thing that bugs me a bit is 1 problem that has already been posted here on the forums before ->

I can’t login to facebook from the Live hub! (Wrong password message)… i changed my password to something like 12345 and tried it again , but it still didn’t work. (So it ain’t the characters).

After that i downloaded the default firmware and i did a firmware rollback followed by a total reset , i also deactivated my hardware firewall inside my router … but still can’t login to facebook!

Does somebody know how to fix this problem , or can anybody tell me if WD is busy with a fix for this? (More people on this forum seem to have this problem)

Thankyoufor reading.

Erule - from the Netherlands :manvery-happy:

I don’t think that FB access is in the fixing list, there are major things and bugs to fix first. If taking down the firewall and changing the firmware don’t fix it, then it could be yout Hub or something else on the connection… Do you really need FB to work on a media player?

I had the same problem; turns out I had all apps blocked on FB. So, you need to log into FB from your computer and check your settings to see if you have apps blocked or not. I unblocked them and this fixed the problem for me.

Also, if you have the “https” option on, you won’t be able to see any FB pictures on your WD hub.

Hope this helps!

I am at work now (well work… lol) so i can’t try it at the moment.

But after reading your reply , i think this could be a solution to my problem … i am gonna try it as soon as i get home :smiley: