Logic Board

I need logic board for WD3200AAJS-00VWA0

320 GB

You’re probably out of luck. They aren’t easily interchangable and they constantly change them. Did you fry it or break the USB port off.


I believe it is fried–need to get data off if possible without paying $1000 to some recovery shop

What are the numbers on the board itself?  There will be a part number and a rev number.  If the one I have matches, I will send it to you.  However, it likely will not help you as the hardware encryption ■■■■ on Western Digital drives pretty much requires the specific board it was written with in order to read the data. 

Pass the word: you data is UNSAFE on Western Digital external drives.

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Look for the posts by fzabkar. He is the only one that understands these boards. He has helped people get them useable enough to get data off. You’ll see you have a lot to do from the posts like testing components possibly removing or jumping by and soldering. If you feel up to trying sent him a PM.


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WD Caviar SE

MDL:  WD3200AAjS-00VWA0  (also listed as part #)

Date: 19 Nov 2007



S/N [Edited]

Driver Card  XC 4Y11 0D40 J 0005200

Thanks, I will look for his post