Logging into network connection

Okay, just go my WD TV media player.  I want to connect to my windows 8.1 box on the network.  So I tell the WD to connect on a network share.  It pulls up various resouces and I click on this windows box.  It then comes up with needing to connect via the correct name and password.  How in the world do I can these to match the log into this computer?  Sure do not see anything in the owners manual.


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See if the following link helps.


So I tell it I want to get video from a network source.  I then say it is a windows box.

It then comes up with a screen saying username and password for this windows box.

The login shows anonymous and then the password is a bunch of stars.

I need to add the login and password for my windows box to get to my share, but I find no way to

delete these default stuff and put in my unique info

It sees my computer with the share, but since it is password protected, I need to be able to log into it.

But will not let me type anything.

The log in screen is shown on page 34 of the users manual under the finding your content section.

I plugged in a USB keyboard that the manual said could be use and the delete does not clear the username

or passed, and it accepts no keystrokes for letters.

This is what the manual says.

Logging in to a Network Resource or Online Account
When accessing a network resource, you need to enter in the user name and
password for the device or account using the on-screen keyboard. In some cases, a
WD TV Media Player
User Manual
default anonymous login displays if no password is set for the device. When this
happens, accept the default login, select , then press OK.
Select Remember Me and press OK to have the media player remember the user
name and password for the resource.

I see no on-sceen keyboard.


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