Lodge a Formal Complaint?

Does anyone know how to file a formal complaint with WD as to the support, or lack thereof, for their products?

It seems a lot of the questions posted here fall on deaf ears but as soon as any legal activity is mentioned mods jump on the topic.

It would be nice to see mods actually involved in these discussions and providing relevant information & updates instead of just policing the forum and flagging posts.

unfortunately yes, support is terrible… 

I really don’t understand they can’t fire at least 1 person whose only job would be answering forum questions about WD products and giving some real support…

Cost Benefit Analysis.

You’ve already bought the product so they have your money but supporting it would cost them money. So they don’t bother to help until they think there might be something else that will cost them more money.

They don’t seem to realize how brand loyalty works; or they do and fingured they could still make more money without it.