Locked 500G Mybook

I have an older model (not at home right now, so can’t post exactly what model it is) 500G Mybook.  It has been running fine, I have been really happy with it. 

This weekend, I accidentally hit the “lock” button on the back of it.  Now it is locked, and I can’t get to the data.  I have tried plugging it into several devices (Playstation 3, WD Live, Laptop) and none of them even acknowledge that the drive is plugged in.  I get nothing asking for a password or anything.

I never set up a password on it, and think I deleted the software on the drive.

So…how hosed am I? Is there ANY way to retrieve the data? Please say yes!!!

Thanks in advance…

Nothing huh??!

If it’s an older My book the drive does not have any security

the only lock symbol in the back is for a Kensington lock

Check if the drive appears on Disk Management

I guess it isn’t THAT old…about 2yrs maybe. There is a button on the back (which I thought was a power switch) that apparently locks the drive. ’

It does not appear in disk management…

if its couple of years old, then at least your drive isn’t encrypted. At this point it could be several things.

power supply failure

usb cable

USB controller failure

hard drive failure

I just can’t imagine “lock” button that would make drive inoperable. Most likely just a coincidence that something failed after you pressed the button

Well, after I pressed it…the lock icon came on in the front, and the drive was no longer detected by any device. 

if you need the files out, you’d need to pull the drive out of the enclosure. that would void original warranty but since you are saying that this is the old unit, you might not have any warranty on it no more.

try it in enother enclosure (just generic usb enclosure, not another WD mybook), or connect your drive as secondary to your PC