Lock single partition for WD My Passport Ultra

I have got new WD My passport Ultra & have created 2 partitions on it. The WD Security option provided with Smartware pro is good enough, however I have few queries:-

  1. Is there any way I can lock only 1 partition keeping the other accessible?

  2. If not, then is there any way we can lock particular folder & make ithe important data secured. 

Also is it recommended to keep single partition on the drive to give better performance, or  that doesn’t matter & creating multiple partifions is fine.

Thanks for your help in advcance.

Hi Amit.Thakkar,

  1. You can only use password protection for the Passport, not for the folders. 

  2. With the help of Google you should be able to find third party software that allows you to lock individual folders. 

  3. Having multiple partitions shouldn’t have much effect on the Passport performance. 

It would be great if you guys added the ability to lock partitions as i use my drive to boot Windows 8.1 portable from a 100gb c:\ drive partition and store my files on the remaining 1.72TB partition.

I only want to secure the 1.72TB partition but WD Lock insists on locking the entire drive thus stopping the portable copy of Windows 8.1 from being able to boot.