Locate old files on passport; new computer

I had previously backed up my entire laptop’s contents onto my passport. That laptop then crashed and I now have a new laptop. I need to transfer/copy some of the old files from the passport onto my new laptop.

When i plugged the passport into the new laptop and installed all of the needed apps, it proceeded to backup the current laptop’s contents onto the passport device. I now cannot find ANY of the old files FIRST backed up off of the FIRST laptop. Any idea how to locate the files? Have I somehow copied over the previous files? Am i looking in the wrong spot? Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

What OS do you have and how did you backup? Try enable show hidden files and see if that helps.


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I did uncheck the hidden tab and no change was made.

After “digging” through my files under the retrieval tab i was able to locate my old files! But they are all in a dark gray color and i cannot open or retrieve them. any idea how to “activate” them again? Thanks!

Why does this say solved when it isn’t?  the files are found, but not accessible - which is useless (it seems).  I am trying to avoid the same problem but so far no one has replied to my topic. :frowning: