Localized erratic benchmark result on WD 10EZEX-22BN5A0

I got the following results from a hard drive benchmark tool (from a live USB), and I would need help to interpret them :

> Benchmark result <

  • The partition is the first out of 3 from a 1TB SATA WD-blue drive, used as storage (no OS running from it). I have repeated the test 4 times and always got the same curve, as well as an unusually long testing time. The other partitions have a “normal” looking curve.

  • I’ve previously had trouble with that HDD, which I was trying to fix : couple of days ago I noticed accessing files would “freeze” the disk, generating a 100% saturated access queue with barely no data transfer. I followed these steps :

  • Run chkdsk / file system check from windows’ safe mode : failed and made the disk inaccessible, freezing the system at the “welcome” screen.

  • Deleted partition table from live USB Ubuntu to unlock Windows.

  • Ran Western Digital’s tool diagnostic from Windows : SMART and extended clusters tests told me the disk was healthy

  • Used partition eraser tool to write zeroes on the whole disk : no i/o errors.Created new partitions : disk recognized, boot successful, writing and reading about 100MB of mp3 files didn’t cause any errors.

  • Ran the benchmark test from the live USB, and got the results above.

The original problems seem to have appeared after I got many system crashes and forced reboots (mistakes using Blender). I don’t know if that’s possible but I would think these repeated have damaged the part of the drive giving these fluctuating performances.

So in summary, what is the most likely cause for this result, and is there a way to fix/work around it ?

So this question has been answered here :

(Ironically from an user that’s apparently working for WD ! )


Thanks for sharing this with the community. Keep an eye on the drive to avoid data loss.