Local content doesn't play anymore on my device; please, please help!

Hi :)  A few disclaimers and preliminary info - I am a newbie to this device and set it up to the best of my ability and knowledge, following everything as stated in the pdf User Manual. 

I have an NAS with videos, pics and music all loaded up to it.  Bought the WDLive SMP 2 weeks ago and I love it immensly; does/did everything I had hoped it would do at first.  Everything played fine and, except for the device completely shutting down 2x and not being able to turn it back on for a few hours, everything worked until a few days ago.  Now, while my device can find all my videos, pictures, and music and display previews of them, when I go to actually access them I get the rotating yellow arrow ring and nothing else.

What have I done wrong, and what do I need to do to fix it?  I really don’t want to have to return it because I know and love its potential.

Sorry; I am sure there is some info I am leaving out that would be necessary for the forum here to better understand my problem, so let me know and I will try to provide.

Did you ever fixed this issue?

I did, actually; had to hunt around on my own and without anyone here offering any advice, sadly.

Just go to the drive where you local content is stored and there should be a file labeled wdtv (or some form of that title). I erased the content as best I could and then, on the player, cleared the media library, cleared the login info used to access my NAS, reset the system (I think I did a system restore too just to be safe).  Then I just rebuilt the Media Library and everything worked fine; still does too which is a relief.

Hope this helps.